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Screen shot

, pronounced Not I, is a classic artillery game with a twist. Literally! Each team exist in the inverted space of the opposing team. When a shot blows a hole in the terrain of one team land is create in the other's space. The aim is to angle your shots in order to destroy the oppositions team. It is intended for two players, but there is a one player mode.

Screen shotScreen shot

You can hold down [H] or [F1] at any time for on screen help. Hit [F] or [F10] to zoom in, this is useful when playing on a small monitor/laptop but will cause minor graphical glitches. Select one [.¡] or two [!¡] player from the title screen to start playing. Drag the grey targeting node to set the angle and power of your shot. Press [FiRE] when you are ready to shoot. Press [FLiP] to rotate the screen 180 degrees. Gravity always goes in the direct of the ground the current player is stood upon, even if the screen has been flipped. Select [EXiT] to end the current game. The primery control system is the mouse, but basic key controls are included.
Exit: Escape
Flip: Enter
Power up/down: T/G
Angle left/right: C/N, V/B
Move left/right: Arrow keys
Fire: Spacebar
Colour scheme: On the menu screen press; 1, 2, 3 ... 8, 9, 0

Download for Windows XP/Vista/7 | Mac(Intel) OS X | Linux

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