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Episode 037

PIIG 037 [2017-29-08] - 30Mb - 1h05mins

In this episode we talk about games for the last generation of consoles. It's not a retro special, it's just really late. Just kidding. Although it is mostly about E3, so I'm not really kidding that much.


  • E3 - I'll leave it to Wikipedia to sum that up...
  • Starr Mazer DSP Farago - And no, it's not about the game being a bit shit.


  • Tricky Towers
  • Prey
  • The Witness
  • Monolith
  • Stephen's Sausage Roll
  • Iron Crypticle

Shitstarter To Kickstarter

The Worst Thing Infogrames Ever Made...

Episode 036

PIIG 036 [2017-06-06] - 30Mb - 1h05mins

Holy cow! Okay, I thought I'd managed to release these things late in the past, but this is something else. Still, at least it's a treat for fans of bumchat...

Columbo is (c) NBC Universal Television - Clip used without permission but I'm hoping they won't sue me...

Episode 035

PIIG 035 [2017-03-17] - 26Mb - 58mins

This is our latest episode ever and I wouldn't be surprised if half of these games had sequels already...




Trumpet Fanfare (350428) by Benjamin Harvey Design from Freesound.Org.

Klaxon (101355) by Timbre from Freesound.Org.

Episode 034

PIIG 034 [2017-01-16] - 29Mb - 1h04mins

After a somewhat extended break we're back with loads of half-arsed news and reviews of things you barely remember. And terrible accents.

Episode 033

PIIG 033 [2016-11-21] - 32Mb - 1h09mins

Oops. Another late one. Ask your grandkids about the news section... And no Dave this month! Lawks!






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