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Episode 039

PIIG 039 [2018-06-18] - 29Mb - 1h02mins

Aged for 28 days for a superior depth of flavour... I'll be honest, I broke a record on this one by mentioning a Kickstarter on the podcast which hadn't even started when we recorded it but which has now actually finished.


Kickstarter And ShitStarter

Episode 038

PIIG 038 [2017-12-11] - 35Mb - 1h17mins

Wow! Six weeks late! How about that, then? So, cast your mind back to Halloween and the stuff which happened then and then listen to us talk about it...

Episode 037

PIIG 037 [2017-29-08] - 30Mb - 1h05mins

In this episode we talk about games for the last generation of consoles. It's not a retro special, it's just really late. Just kidding. Although it is mostly about E3, so I'm not really kidding that much.


  • E3 - I'll leave it to Wikipedia to sum that up...
  • Starr Mazer DSP Farago - And no, it's not about the game being a bit shit.


  • Tricky Towers
  • Prey
  • The Witness
  • Monolith
  • Stephen's Sausage Roll
  • Iron Crypticle

Shitstarter To Kickstarter

The Worst Thing Infogrames Ever Made...

Episode 036

PIIG 036 [2017-06-06] - 30Mb - 1h05mins

Holy cow! Okay, I thought I'd managed to release these things late in the past, but this is something else. Still, at least it's a treat for fans of bumchat...

Columbo is (c) NBC Universal Television - Clip used without permission but I'm hoping they won't sue me...

Episode 035

PIIG 035 [2017-03-17] - 26Mb - 58mins

This is our latest episode ever and I wouldn't be surprised if half of these games had sequels already...




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