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Episode 003

PIIG 003 [2013-06-23] - 46Mb - 1h34mins

Episode 3 and it's all about E3! Except these bits: The Swapper, Tiny Barbarian DX, The Yawgh, Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe and more! Also, now we're in STEREO!

PS. Mark sounds a bit like a robot this month because I messed up the recording as I was using a new recorder. Oops.

Jingle tune "taratata.wav" by Milton from Freesound.Org.

Tape Deck SFX by George Antoniv from Freesound.Org.


The Pig Ignorant Indie Gamers are:

Graham Goring (Twitter)

Mark Foster (Twitter)

David Williamson (Twitter)

Intro music by Zack Parrish.