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Episode 005

PIIG 005 [2013-08-26] - 33Mb - 1h12mins

Episode 5 - Quite a few games covered, some in actual depth. Featuring Pikmin 3, Tower Climb, Paper's Please, Steamworld Dig, Teleglitch, Spelunky, Gaurodan and Rymdkapsel.

Also, we're much more organised this month and we're using weird new mic stands which you can hear bumping several times despite using spider mounts... Bah!

Tape Deck SFX by George Antoniv from Freesound.Org.

News Sting SFX by zagi2 from Freesound.Org.


The Pig Ignorant Indie Gamers are:

Graham Goring (Twitter)

Mark Foster (Twitter)

David Williamson (Twitter)

Intro music by Zack Parrish.