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Episode 014

PIIG 014 [2014-08-05] - 25Mb - 0h55mins

Episode 14 - Yogs! Gods! Snots! Squats! Plops! And the return of SpoilerCow!


Tape Deck SFX by George Antoniv from Freesound.Org.

Fly Past SFX by La Patrouille from Freesound.Org.

Cow Moos SFX by Felix Blume, Joseph Sardin and Klankbeeld from Freesound.Org.

Rural atmosphere track by SoundMary from Freesound.Org.


The Pig Ignorant Indie Gamers are:

Graham Goring (Twitter)

Mark Foster (Twitter)

David Williamson (Twitter)

Intro music by Zack Parrish.