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Episode 006

PIIG 006 [2013-10-02] - 33Mb - 1h11mins

Episode 6 - Oops, after recording this one early I then didn't edit it for ages so the news is even more out of date than usual. Mercenary Kings, Outlast, Sokobond, Ittle Dew and a bunch more.

Also, our brand new features - ShitStarter! Which may be the meanest-spirited thing I've ever done in a podcast.

The Mark Foster Section

Games We Played Links

Tape Deck SFX by George Antoniv from Freesound.Org.

Harp Strum by adriann from

Countryside Atmos by SoundMary from


The Pig Ignorant Indie Gamers are:

Graham Goring (Twitter)

Mark Foster (Twitter)

David Williamson (Twitter)

Intro music by Zack Parrish.